Aims & Objectives

Aim 1 – Infrastructure and Resources: Provide the infrastructure, resources, technologies, and leadership needed for the Center to promote and sustain culturally sensitive and multidisciplinary research, education, training, and community outreach to eliminate health disparities.

Objectives: (1) To foster statewide research collaborations among majority and minority academic institutions, community health and health care sites/agencies, community-based organizations, and faith-based organizations; (2) To provide minority researchers with the resources and other support needed to conduct translational health promotion and risk reduction research in at-risk communities; and (3) To employ innovative approaches for public and scientific dissemination of information regarding the Center’s activities and outcomes.

Aim 2 – Translational Research: Create an academic-community translational research enterprise that accelerates the development and dissemination of novel, culturally sensitive interventions/programs for reducing health disparities in at-risk communities.

Objectives: (1) To increase the number of culturally sensitive and interdisciplinary basic, clinical, and social-behavioral research studies that address health disparities across the lifespan of at-risk individuals; (2) To strengthen and institutionalize existing research partnerships with churches and community centers in at-risk communities throughout Florida; and (3) To strengthen and institutionalize existing research partnerships among academic institutions and public agencies in Florida, including the University of Florida, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Bethune-Cookman University, Florida State University, and the Florida Department of Health.

Aim 3 – Training and Education: Train minority faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and individuals from the community to conduct culturally sensitive minority-health and health-disparities research, particularly in the areas of health promotion and risk reduction, at both individual and community levels.

Objectives: (1) To increase the number of minority researchers conducting NIH-funded basic, clinical, and social-behavioral translational research to eliminate health disparities; and (2) To increase the number of community health workers and community members trained in implementing and evaluating evidence-based health practices, particularly those targeting health promotion and risk reduction.

Aim 4 – Community Engagement and Outreach: Empower members of at-risk communities to reduce health disparities and take charge of their own physical and mental health.

Objectives: (1) To expand on and disseminate existing novel, culturally sensitive strategies for recruiting members of at-risk communities to participate in basic, clinical, and social-behavioral science research; (2) To increase the number of community-based/ participatory health promotion and health risk assessment and intervention studies; (3) To increase the number of institutionalized health promotion and health risk intervention programs implemented and evaluated by community members in at-risk communities; (4) To involve health care providers in faith-based and community-based health promotion and health risk interventions (cultural immersion experiences); and (5) To increase the number of providers trained to use health information technology that is focused on health promotion and health risk reduction in at-risk communities.