Mentoring Program

         Health Disparities Research Fellow Mentoring Program


pic1Precious Bedell, MA, BS
Community Health Worker/Project Health Counselor
University of Rochester
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Health promotion interventions via  participatory research; hypertension among racial/ethnic minorities and former prisoners; health disparities; social determinants of health; health care outcomes and health services research

pic2Mark A. Canning, MSN, APRN
Advanced Practice Nurse/Clinical Faculty
Hunter Bellevue/University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey School
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s):
HIV/AIDS; disclosure of sexual behavior in encounters with health care providers; men’s health; health promotion among LGBTQI communities; minority health and health disparities


pic3Christa Cook, PhD, MSN, RN
Research Coordinator
University of Florida
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s):
Community-engaged approach to research; public health nursing; health care engagement and utilization; research to inform health care to reduce disparities; patient-centered care


pic4Margaret Darling, BA
Research and Evaluation Specialist
Nueva Vida
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s):
Health disparities among the Latino  community; psycho-oncology; health behaviors; community-based research; health care policy


pic5Audra Gollenberg, PhD
Assistant Professor
Shenandoah University
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Disparities in maternal, perinatal and infant health; physical activity, nutrition and health behaviors; psychosocial determinants of health


pic6Stuart Grande, PhD, MPA
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dartmouth College
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Patient voice and the clinical encounter; patient engagement methods and shared decision making; patient-provider communication; integration of community-based participatory research with shared decision making


pic7Naomie Jean, MPH
Research Program Assistant
Florida International University
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Health disparities among racial/ethnic minority groups; cancer screening utilization in minorities; community-based participatory research


pic8Johanne I. Laboy, MBA
Doctoral Student
North Carolina State University
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Intersections of communication, digital media, and healthcare sciences; health disparities; underserved populations; irrational health beliefs; type 2 diabetes; trauma narratives


pic9Jessica D. Jones Nielson, PhD, MSc
Lecturer in Psychology
City University London
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Minority health and health disparities; culturally sensitive health care and health promotion; obesity and body image issues; physician relationship on treatment adherence and health outcomes of patients with chronic health conditions


pic10Viodelda Page, BBA
Family Support Worker
Redlands Christian Migrant Association
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Assess data sources and identify other data needs to expand research; develop effective intervention methods to decrease health disparities; strengthen and improve the networks within the community to support research


pic11Dinghy Kristine B. Sharma, MA, MS
Doctoral Candidate
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Minority health and health disparities; culturally sensitive health care and health promotion; creative art modalities as therapeutic interventions to foster health; cancer survivorship; quality of life


pic12Kathleen A. Thoma, MA
Doctoral Candidate
University of North Florida
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Social determinants of health; health  education and health literacy; equitable access to healthcare; access and participation of minority and underserved individuals in research; CBPR; HIV/AIDS collaborative leadership in public health and education; women’s and children’s health


pic13Whitney Wall, MPH, MS
Doctoral Candidate
University of Florida
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Patient-centered culturally sensitive health care and promotion; the role of the front desk office staff in providing patient care


pic14Hsiao-Lan Wang, PhD, RN, CMSRN, HFS
Assistant Professor
University of South Florida
Primary Research/Practice Interest(s): Health disparities; cancer screening; culturally sensitive health promotion; health behavior in the minority; and physical activity




Tanya Agurs-Collins, PhD, RD
Patria Alguila, BA
Steve Anton, PhD
Ronald Cohen, PhD
Barbara Curbow, PhD, MA
Vonetta Dotson, PhD
Ann Horgas, PhD, RN
Kelli Komro, PhD, MPH
Crystal Stack Lim, PhD
Barbara Lutz, PhD, RN
Mildred Maldonado-Molina, PhD
Michael Marsiske, PhD
Apputhury Praisoody, PhD
Jeanne-Marie Stacciarini, PhD, RN
Cathy Striley, PhD, MSW, MPE
Carolyn M. Tucker, PhD