Symposium Series


The 2014 Symposium Series for Providers, Researchers, Adult and Child Patients, Families, and Community Stakeholders to Talk to One Another about Achieving a Healthy Weight and Reducing Obesity among Difference Patient Groups occurred on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Learning Resources Center on the campus of UF Health Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida. The symposium series—which was     attended by culturally diverse patients, providers, researchers, and community stakeholders from Gainesville, Jacksonville, and other locations within Florida—featured three symposia.

Symposium 1           

Researchers talk about research on obesity and obesity disparities that can help adult and child patients and others achieve a healthy weight (Audience members respond)

Symposium 2

Providers talk about barriers to treatments and research aimed at helping minority and other patient groups achieve a healthy weight, and strategies for overcoming these barriers (Audience members respond)

Symposium 3

Part 1. Patients and their family members talk about motivators of and barriers to achieving a healthy weight and   reducing obesity in their family and community (Audience members respond)

Part 2. Community stakeholders talk about their resources for promoting a healthy weight and reducing obesity disparities among patients most impacted by obesity (Audience members respond)