Health-Smart Church Center (HSCC) Program

This Health-Smart Church Center (HSCC) Program is a church-centered program designed to promote and sustain healthy behaviors, reduce overweight/obesity and hypertension, and increase well-days among members of participating black churches and their communities. This program aims to address health disparities in the urban core of Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County). This area contains one of Jacksonville’s most at-risk communities. It has a large minority population and a notably high poverty level. The two-phase program addresses various health concerns prevalent in Duval County including, but not limited to: adult obesity and stroke, poor mental health, inability to access health care, and food deserts. The two phases are:

Phase I: Implementation of the Health-Smart program at churches in an underserved community for members at risk for obesity and related illnesses and;

Phase II: Creation and establishment of a HSCC at each church as an infrastructure to sustain and promote Health-Smart behaviors and activities to community members.

The Health-Smart Research and Intervention Team in Gainesville and Jacksonville will work with local health professionals and church leaders to create a sustained, no-cost, customized, and culturally sensitive infrastructure managed and maintained by community members as site for health promotion, resources, and services.